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Betty is a super cute vintage caravan that has been converted into a unique photobooth for that extra special touch at || EVENTS || PARTIES || WEDDINGS || FESTIVALS || 

We have been entertaining guests all across the Northwest and beyond for over 5 years now so we certainly know how to get everyone involved and capture those silly moments that you just wouldn't want to miss. #MEMORIES

We created Betty as we didn't want to just be a photobooth we wanted to provide a really personal experience || We got rid of those modern machines and we bring you your very own photographer !! We hand select all of our vintage and Boho props to really stick with the vintage theme || All of the images are fully edited so your photos are beautiful quality - even the silliest ones || And we personalise Betty so she is really part of the event ||

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It's all about her...

In honour of the fabulous lady on the right here we created Natty Bee's Vintage Hire and Betty The Caravan photobooth - which she inspired- has become the main feature of our little, magical, wedding business.


Combining our love for all things wedding with the love I have for my gorgeous grandma Betty - and not forgetting a little touch of ambition. Natty Bees has grown and grown thanks to the hardwork and vision of all the worker bee's here at the hive.


we hope little Betty Barrow will continue to look down and wave her magic wand over many more weddings to come.

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